Community Driven Strategies That Build Student Learning

Beth Worthington
Candidate for Director District 3 of North Kitsap School District, No. 400

I am running for North Kitsap School District to give back and serve the community that has served me and my family well for last 18 years. I will be a good steward of our public dollars that have been allocated to invest in the future by educating our young people. As a board member, I will set vision and implement strategies that meet the unique needs of ALL of our North Kitsap students.Setting visions and determining the right strategies requires understanding of our community needs and understanding of our current challenges. With this understanding, strategies and objectives can be set and NKSD can build educational systems, programs and processes that result in the desired outcomes.

My values are…

  • Community engagement and transparency of district operations to promote decisions based on meaningful, productive and thorough information exchange.
  • Management by facts and reliable predictions that allow for steady and consistent practices and less reactive actions.
  • Financial responsibility – less enrollment means less funds and a smaller, but better educational system
  • Focus on the student learning – smaller class sizes, broad educational programs including music, art and athletics
  • Sustain excellence – Six NK middle-school students won at State and are going to National History Day, Rolling Reader and Star Tutor program employs our young leaders to assist our younger students

I will gather information and listen to the community to build a shared understanding of our needs and values. I will explore the challenges of today’s environment of declining enrollment and inadequate state funding. I will learn more about the competencies of our district’s programs and define strengths that can be leveraged.

I will work toward articulating a vision and a strategy for the district that is derived from the community and meets the needs of all our students.