3 thoughts on “As a Board Member…

  1. Could you talk a bit about how you see NKSD adjusting to the newly revised Highly Capable WACs and how you envision the district servicing its gifted community?

  2. I reviewed a summary of the new WAC’s prepared by Gayle Pauley, OSPI, Direction of Title 1/LAP & CPR. (See https://k12.wa.us/highlycapable/pubdocs/2013WACChangesWebinar.pdf.) This describes that districts will be able to use categorical and basic education funds to provide access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction for its highly capable students. I also know that highly capable programs are part of the state’s definition of basic education, which means that it is the responsibility of NK and all Washington School Districts to provide highly capable programs. The administrative rules prescribe a board-approved annual plan and an annual report. As board member, I will provide a thorough review and ensure that the program meets the needs of our students. I look forward to learning more about NK’s current program.
    I have experience with the Highly Capable program at NK from 1999 to 2007 — because my daughter was a participant. In 2000, I sat on the interview committee, at request of Suquamish Principal, Joe Davalos, as a parent representative and we hired Mrs. Ellie Wrigley into the program. I’ll also participated in a committee to explore changes to the program later on. Changes we researched included revised identification methods, exploring differentiation in the regular classrooms and eliminating the self-contained classroom in first grade.

    • The new WACs require a K-12 program, identifying students in kindergarten. This would require a significant overhaul for NKSD since AGATE currently identifies students in 3rd grade and continues through 8th grade. Given the district’s financial challenges and the state’s minimalistic funding of the highly capable program (leaving funding levels unchanged despite the fact that the now compulsory program will more than double participation from districts), what can the board do to implement such changes? Also, the current program offers little help with the unique emotional needs of gifted students and their parents. How can the board help change this?

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