Kicking off the Campaign to the General Election

Firstly, a look at the precinct-by-precinct vote counts results of the primary election, I am humbled and encouraged that NKSD voters gave me winning totals in 32 of the 36 precincts.  Thank you for your support.

Looking forward to the general election, I pledge to get around to talking to as many of you as possible between now and then.  I want your input about what you need and what you want to see in our school district.  Your input will be used to develop community-driven strategies to build learning experiences for all of our students.  Two of the themes that I have heard so far are:

Communication for transparency and to engage the community –district actions need to be understood by the community and the district needs to understand what the community needs and values.

Smaller class sizes – in elementary grades this is important to engage all student and in secondary grades this is important to offer a diverse, variety of classes and activities including music, art and athletics.

I look forward to hearing and learning more so I can have a strong basis to guide my work with NKSD. — Beth Worthington

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