Arts Education Policy Adopted at North Kitsap

At the June 11th 2014 Nk School Board meeting, the board voted to adopt an Arts Education Policy. Next steps could be evaluating NK’s arts program and implementing improvement strategies.

The policy states:

“The board recognizes that an arts education (defined as music, visual arts, theater, literature, and dance) is an essential part of the learning experience for students. The district’s art education should provide opportunities for appreciation, creation, performance, and integration with other educational disciplines.

The board believes that through arts education, students learn to develop creativity, discipline, perception, perseverance, self-expression and critical thinking. These capacities are fundamental in preparing students for citizenship, career and college. The board further believes that a comprehensive arts education program enriches cultural experiences and builds connection within our community.”



Coffee Chat in Kingston, Saturday, June 14th 8:30 – 10:30

Please join me and talk about NK Schools at Mystic Mountain Coffee in Kingston from 8;30 to 10:30, Saturday, June 14.  Let’s celebrate the start of summer and our graduates and talk about what our strategic goals for the coming years should be.  Should we graduate 100% of our students?  Should we develop out teachers to be the best?  A graduating senior offered this perspective on education.  It’s not the student’s that are the products.  It is the teacher’s that are offering a service.  It’s the student’s responsibility to take advantage of that service.  It’s not the teacher failing the students.  It’s the students who are failing themselves.