Let’s Chat over Coffee Saturday, Feb 28 from 8:30 to 10:30 in Poulsbo

Please join me for coffee Saturday, February 28th, at the Poulbohemian in Poulsbo. I’ll be there from 8:30 until 10:30 and you can stop by anytime to chat. The state legislature is in session crafting bills without much public talk of funding schools. NKSD is budgeting for next year and has completed enrollment predictions.  The district will have free all day Kindergarten for next school year. While graduation rates from 2013-14 are not available from OPSI, the district does have baseline data from the prior three years and is looking forward to our goal to be in the top 5% of the state for graduation rate by 2020.  Hope to see you Saturday!

Talk with NK Staff: Express Your Values

Voters have approved the M&O school levy by a simple check of the yes box on the ballot. Now use your feet to bring your voice to advocate for your values and help set budget priorities.
The district is hosting its second Community Budget Forum on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 from 7:00pm-8:00pm at the North Kitsap High School Commons, 1780 NE Hostmark Street, Poulsbo.

Common Core: Good or bad?

I got a voice message today from a voter asking about if I was for or against Common Core. She did not leave a name or a phone number, so I will answer here on my campaign blog for everyone and hope that she gets the message!

I am for Common Core. I believe a national standard allows for our students to have skills that are transferrable to anywhere in the nation. I would also hope that providing this standard will allow for our teachers to focus on ensuring that the students are actually building skills and are learning. I know those who criticize Common Core are concerned about the transition costs, losing good teachers who don’t want to change, and the actual content of the standards.  I understand these concerns, but believe these can be mitigated and make adopting Common Core and net benefit for schools.

South Kitsap’s New Superintendent Lays Out Communication Plan

Reduction in the number of teachers, larger class sizes for next year, and weakened public trust are common themes shared by North Kitsap and South Kitsap School Districts.  An article in the Kitsap Sun describes Dr. Michelle Reid’s plan.  The approach includes: face-to-face meetings, forums, social networking and posting documents to the district’s website.  What can North Kitsap leverage from this approach?



CONGRATULATIONS! to Mary Lou Macala of Kingston Middle School and her six students that won the honor of competing in National History Day in Maryland on June 9-13.  Andrew Simon won 2nd Place in the Nation for his historical paper “The Trans-Alaska Pipeline:  A Struggle for Balance”.


Community Driven Strategies That Build Student Learning

Beth Worthington
Candidate for Director District 3 of North Kitsap School District, No. 400

I am running for North Kitsap School District to give back and serve the community that has served me and my family well for last 18 years. I will be a good steward of our public dollars that have been allocated to invest in the future by educating our young people. As a board member, I will set vision and implement strategies that meet the unique needs of ALL of our North Kitsap students.Setting visions and determining the right strategies requires understanding of our community needs and understanding of our current challenges. With this understanding, strategies and objectives can be set and NKSD can build educational systems, programs and processes that result in the desired outcomes.

My values are…

  • Community engagement and transparency of district operations to promote decisions based on meaningful, productive and thorough information exchange.
  • Management by facts and reliable predictions that allow for steady and consistent practices and less reactive actions.
  • Financial responsibility – less enrollment means less funds and a smaller, but better educational system
  • Focus on the student learning – smaller class sizes, broad educational programs including music, art and athletics
  • Sustain excellence – Six NK middle-school students won at State and are going to National History Day, Rolling Reader and Star Tutor program employs our young leaders to assist our younger students

I will gather information and listen to the community to build a shared understanding of our needs and values. I will explore the challenges of today’s environment of declining enrollment and inadequate state funding. I will learn more about the competencies of our district’s programs and define strengths that can be leveraged.

I will work toward articulating a vision and a strategy for the district that is derived from the community and meets the needs of all our students.